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Aj da postvame lichni eseta na anglijski ko shte kazhete ?
Spare the rod, spoil the child

They say that round the first seven years of a child's life are crucial. It is the period in which he designs his own perception of the outer world and sets up the basis of his forthcoming existence and his very personality.
And those factors are strongly influenced by the parents and the environment. But mostly its up to the parents to teach their child the proper behaviour. And speaking of such a fit of action there are several approaches. There are children and children. Every individual must be approached individually. Meaning that there is no exact solution to how a child should be brought up. As far as the rod is involved, that method could become a double-edged blade. Sometimes a child should be slapped on the cheek for executing certain illegal action with the hope that he will refrain from executing it in future for fear of being inflicted upon again. This approach could prove useful sometimes for the sake of discipline It also depends on the individual's nature. If one is obedient by nature he will follow his master's principles without any severe body and mind damages. However, violence must not be worshipped for the sake of discipline for not every child is likely to withstand a treatment of such a morbid nature. A child, being beaten up regularly may entertain a violent and deeply-rooted antipathy towards his parents and that even may result in retaliation. Many children leave home for that very reason and become criminals later on. Raising one's fist or the stuff (which sounds worse) against the child for every mistake he has made is not the best solution at all.
Sparing the rod does not mean that the bread-winnter should cease his maintenance of presence at home and that the child should be let to act at his own discretion. Rules should be enforced and the father should be monitoring their execution. If obeyed accordingly the child should be rewarded so that he never abandons the strive for another one thus keeping on walking the right pathway. If disobeying an order, a privation of something should follow respectively.
Home violence is a vulgar display of power or authority if you wish. A child should be given the time to figure out what is good and bad, what is right or wrong, which is the light or dark side of things. Because, if perpetually improving his father's martial skills, he will see only the dark side of things and seek the inappropriate solution. A child should only be given directions, shown the paths and their possible outcomes and its up to him to make the decision which way to undertake.
Evil engenders evil and one cannot expect to return the reverse. And if the evil cannot be uprooted with good it is no use a-trying it on. The only solution to the problem is the Gallows Pole.
ne che da se hvalia ama uchiltekata kaza "Ti maj si go teglil ot internet... prekrasno e!" Smile
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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.

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